FAQ - Chris Galando

How would you define the style you use?

I would say I am a natural light photographer with a photojournalistic emphasis. Of course I do portrait work as well and love creating soft light look to my images.

What is a natural light photographer?

Natural light photography is important to me because it has a more natural look to the image. In natural light photography there is no flash used but sometimes a reflector is added to bounce light from the sun or other light source. I still use a flash from time to time by I strive to achieve the most accurate capture of the image I can and that is why I use natural light most of the time.

How do I book a wedding with you?

Just hit the contact button on the top of my webpage and it will send me an email in which I will respond promptly.

What happens after I send you an email through the contact link?

The first thing that happens is we discuss the date then I setup a complimentary meeting over coffee (or other beverage of your choice!). We will discuss your goals for the photographs of your wedding and details such as venue, time of day, etc. Additionally we go over the packages I offer and any customizing you would like to do as well as an engagement session.

What do your packages cost?

The basic "Silver" package begins at $1995 and goes up from there based on the additional products I offer. Please contact me and I will send you a pricing brochure.

If I see a pose or creative photo I want can you replicate it?

Yes, I do my best to create custom and specific images for you  in addition to what I normally capture.

Do you work with a second photographer?

Yes, however, a second photographer is available at an additional cost or one is included with the Gold or Platinum package.

Why should I want a second photographer?

When photographing a wedding a lot is happening at once. A second photographer lets me concentrate on two things at once! I can capture the bride and groom while the other photographer is photographing the details. Or I can photograph the family while the second shooter photographs the cocktail hour. Having two photographers is not necessary but definitely is a welcome benefit to capturing even more of your wedding day!

Do you have backup equipment and what type of equipment do you use?

I have backup cameras and have additional accessories and lenses that can fill in if any equipment fails. I also shoot with 2 memory cards per camera so I am backing up the shots as I shoot. I shoot with professional Nikon DSLR's as well as Fujifilm cameras. Additionally I use all the professional lenses and lighting that can cover a wedding and more. I utilize professional Elinchrom strobe lighting that is what many fashion photographers use for high end publications. More information on this subject is on the "resources" page under Weddings.

Do you backup your files?

Yes, yes, and yes! I do a couple things for my workflow. One, my cameras have 2 memory card slots so I am backing up the photos as I take them. I also back the up to a portable hard drive during and after the wedding. Finally I upload the files to 2 external hard drives that mirror each other so if one fails during processing the other is available right away. I have invested in making sure your images do not get lost and the precautions I take allow you rest assured you will get all of your photographs. More information on this subject is on the "resources" page under Weddings.

Do I get all the digital files?

Based on the packages I provide, yes. I provide your wedding day images on a USB drive and you can also download them from my website.

Can I buy prints from you or do I have to print them myself?

Absolutely and I highly recommend you allow me to print your images. I use a couple different labs for processing depending on what you want. I also print at my studio up to 16x20 inch images utilizing my professional and color matched custom printing technique. You are certainly welcome to print your images on your own but I cannot guarantee that cropping and color will match my level of precision.

How long will it take to get my photographs?

This varies based on time of year as I am busier in the summer months. Typically you can expect about a 2 week turnaround for everything to be edited, any prints to be printed, and the customized packaging to be created.

Are you insured?


Do you only photograph weddings?

Primarily yes, however I do shoot a lot of family, portrait, children, and pets. Additionally I sometimes do commercial, real estate, and corporate head shots if someone needs me. I love shooting landscape and it is my personal hobby outside of my daily photography job.

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