Landscape - Chris Galando
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Horseshoe Cliffs

There are plenty of places to get a full view of Horsesshoe Bend in Arizona and I thought this angle was pretty interesting. I had to wait for a couple tourists to move from the rock on the right and they were so casual about sitting there I am not sure they were aware of the 1000 foot drop off the edge beside them. I have been on the edge of cliffs before but this place is freightening. More so because of the sheer grandness of the dropoff. What is so great about this location is the ease to get to it but that also means a lot of tourists and a lot of waiting to get a good shot off. This image was shot just after a big rain storm rolled through which I was fortunate to get a lot of cloud cover for a mid morning exposure. Single image processed with Lightroom 5, Lucroit filter holder with Hitech 1.2 ND grad filter.

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