Landscape - Chris Galando
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Northshore Storm

Camera: Nikon D700
Lens: 24-70mm f/2.8 (28mm)
11 image stitched panorama
1/5 sec, f/18, ISO 200
Tripod: Gitzo GT3541LS
Ballhead: RRS BH-55
Lee Filter Holder, Lee .9, .6 ND grad
Circular Polarizer
Processed using: Lightroom 4, Photoshop CS6, Nik Sharpener Pro

Hawaii has so many different Islands and each one is unique in its own way. Oahu is no exception and I find it facinating that the island has a very high paced downtown metropolis yet you can get in the car and in 20 minutes be surrounded by pure nature and have no people around. I set out to explore by driving around the island and I found this perfectly quiet spot leading to a beach. I was on the NW side of the island along the North Shore and drove the dirt road until my car wouldn't go any further. Most people know the North Shore as having massive waves but this summer day was quite calm however a storm was brewing. The rocks looked as if they were burnt burnt from the sun and It is difficult to tell but they are huge. To get the image I stood on top of one of the rocks and setup my tripod. There was complete stillness in the grass and it allowed me to capture 11 shots with 30% overlay to get the final panorama.

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