Landscape - Chris Galando
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So I went to the Big Island of Hawaii for Thanksgiving and spent the entire time with my family, meaning: no time for photography! Which I was fine with, but just looking out my hotel room window I got the itch and had to go out. I walked up the street a bit and found a place where there were pretty much no cars coming through. This is just steps outside my hotel and the amount of stars visible was nothing short of amazing! The lighting here is all one shot, the tree was lit from the ambient lighting and you can see the dimly lit yellow lights of the small town just in the distance. The palm trees on the left show just how hard the wind was blowing, which made for an interesting image of the tree. And you can faintly see the milky way in the background of the tree which suprisingly was very visible. It is no epic masterpiece landscape shot but for my boredom it made me feel great to get out and photograph this beautiful place.

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