Landscape - Chris Galando
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Cold feet! One of the funnest places I have ever been... I have always wanted to visit this waterfall and knowing the challenges of the hike I was game but not expecting the weather to change like it did. The sky was overcast so the light was dim but nicely even and some rain had lightly hit just prior to me setting up. A couple fall leaves had fallen on and around the ladder which were a nice indicator that fall had arrived. I had to wait for a while for a clear shot as the creek had a lot of visitors that day (It was a Wednesday but the US National Parks were closed so I am sure there were a lot of people changing their plans). As I hiked up the creek I was nearly waist deep at times in the frigid water but it did not effect me until I stopped to take photos (10 sec exposure on this photo). While creating this image I felt the pain of the cold in my toes, feet, and ankles... The combination of not moving my feet, the cold autumn water, and my waterproof hiking shoes which lets the water flow right through, created a pain in my toes I have only felt a few times in my life (My toes were as hot as they have ever been earlier this year when I went to photograph the lava in Hawaii). I owe my feet a good massage one of these days! Anyway, I got my image and started hiking up the creek again to get the blood flow back in my feet...

The problem with my trip was the cold never left me and kept creeping back as I stood still to capture this amazing place. Add to it intermittent hail storms and quick bouts of rain it made for a challenging day but it was one of the most fun I have ever had taking photos... The creek is so beautiful with the spectacular fall colors, albeit the cold water makes the hike difficult this time of year but it becomes worth it if you enjoy the season and a unique location.

After a long day hiking along the creek until I could go no further I turned and headed back, I was the last one up there and alone which was extremely peaceful, but then I was joined by some massive clouds and they began to pour an immense amount of water on me... I was a good 1.5 miles from my car when this weather turned on me and at first I moved briskly but then I just let it hit me. I got back to my car and had to change every piece of clothing as it felt like I went swimming. However, being from Seattle, things like rain don't seem to bother me and it made for an excellent adventure and a memorable experience!!

Nikon D800E, 14-24 f/2.8, Lucroit Filter Holder with Hitech 1.2 ND filter, Processed in Lightroom 5