Landscape - Chris Galando
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Northshore Canyon

I used to travel to Hawaii for work and during my free time I would go explore the islands and of course bring my camera along. I won't lie, it was an awesome work assignment! I was fortunate to be on the island of Oahu during the Triple Crown surf tournament and while I was driving to the event I noticed this location along the road. This is an odd location because it is right along a major road and there is only one place to pull over safely, which I gladly did. Cars rush past this location all day and I bet nobody stops here to take in the scenery... I love this location because it shows a lot of what the Hawaiian Islands are about. The greenery, the mountains and canyon flowing into the ocean, and of couse a nice sunset.

I love how 500px is now showing images, it really allows panoramas to be viewed in a better form!

This is an 11 image pano where I used a nodal slide, the stitch was done in photoshop. Lee Filters GND .9+.6, Gitzo tripod and Really Right Stuff ball head with nodal slide.

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