Landscape - Chris Galando
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Lava Flow Ocean

Camera: Nikon D800ELens: 70-300mm f/4.5-5.6 (300mm)1/6 sec, f/5.6, ISO 800 Tripod: Gitzo GT3541LSBallhead: RRS BH-55 No Filters Processed using: Lightroom 4, Photoshop CS6I took a tour with Bruce Omori of Extreme Exposure on the Big Island of Hawaii. The tour took me to the entry point of the lava pouring into the ocean and it was hands down one of the most amazing things I have ever seen let alone "try" to photograph. Capturing lava is one of the most challenging subjects I have tried, not only is the dynamic range very high but the amount of movement it does including the plume of smoke it is creating makes for an almost sports like shooting environment. Not only that but getting to this location was so difficult and dangerous. I could have been in some serious trouble if I had wandered off on my own but Bruce is so skilled it really helped keep me safe. The smoke was constantly covering the lava in this shot and made it difficult to get a good solid shot of the lava. I am happy with the final image though and I am glad I got the experience to see something that is so amazing. If you head to the Big Island of Hawaii definitely look up Bruce and Tom of Extreme Exposure. They are experts on the location, terrain, and shooting lava and they will get you home safely. Oh, and they have some great stories that make the 4 hour round trip hike fun! I am definitely going back and on my next trip I will be calling Bruce and Tom!

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