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How I Protect My Client’s Images

March 4th, 2014

One thing people do not see when they hire a photographer is the workflow that goes on behind the scenes of a photo shoot. This also includes how the image is captured and saved in the camera. Like all pieces of data things can become corrupt and lost. I prevent such problems from occurring by taking several steps to ensure my clients can confidently trust that their images will be delivered complete and on time. Whether it is a commercial shoot, a wedding, corporate work, or portraits I take these precaution in all my work. Let me explain the process…

First of all I carry backup equipment so if something fails I have another piece of equipment that can be used in its place to ensure I get the job done right. This includes multiple cameras, lenses, memory cards, flash units, etc. I also utilize an Apple iMac desktop computer and a MacBook laptop as well as many external hard drives. I take several measures to ensure that all of this equipment I have invested in allows me and my clients to rest assured that the images I strive hard to create are safely cared for and will be delivered completed and on time.

Backing up the images is extremely important in my workflow…

On location: I use professional Nikon cameras which have a feature that allows 2 memory cards to be inserted into the camera at the same time. When I take a photo that image is recorded on a memory card and simultaneously an exact copy of that photograph is recorded directly to the second memory card. I use SanDisk and Lexar memory cards as both brands are well known for their reliability and high quality.

In the Studio: If I am shooting in the studio the process is similar except I record the photograph directly to a computer instead of memory cards. Then a duplicate copy of each image is backed up directly to an external hard drive.

After The Shoot: When I begin the editing process of the photographs I record the images to an external hard drive. When the upload to that hard drive is complete I make a copy of the newly uploaded files to a second external hard drive. I use three (3) G-Technology hard drives: One to have a mirror copy of my computer, the second drive is for my photograph files, the third is a mirror copy of the second drive with the photographs.

Only when the project is complete is when I will erase and initialize the memory cards that I originally shot on. So basically once I begin editing I will have 4 copies of each image (2 memory cards, Hard Drive 1 and Hard Drive 2) so if anything fails I have at least 3 other backups to work from.

I do everything I can to ensure the images my clients invest in are professionally cared for. One thing that sets me apart is the preparation I put into creating photographs. This includes being prepared in my work flow to make sure the images I capture for my clients are protected from loss or damage. My investment in this process is crucial to my business and creating happy clients.

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