Client Profile: An Auto Racing Oasis in the Desert - Chris Galando

Client Profile: An Auto Racing Oasis in the Desert

April 24th, 2014

Out in the desert of Arizona is a private automobile racetrack that invites its members to bring out some of the most high performance automobiles in the world. The Inde Motorsports Ranch just outside of Tucson in the town of Wilcox hosts it’s clients with the high end amenities and facilities that are only fitting for such beautiful and powerful machines. I had the pleasure of photographing the facilities and some of the vehicles that make this racetrack so special.

As a photographer this was a truly unique experience to see and photograph the vehicles that Inde Motorsports Ranch attracts. For their customers this would be an amazing place just to visit let alone take your vehicle on the track and test it's limits. From Ferraris and Mclarens to BMW’s, Fords, Chevys and even motorcycles, this track brings out some of the most impressive automobiles and bikes ever created.

Photographing facilities like this was a pleasure as it is a beautiful location with it’s 1700 acres of desert landscape. I will let the photographs speak for themselves as to how awesome this place is but there is no lack of photography subjects. Photographically the images were technically challenging to create as I worked with varying light levels on the interior and exterior as well as the natural lighting conditions. I used varying amounts of lighting from natural light to brining in more light from a set of Elinchrom Quadra heads. I put the images together using many techniques I have acquired through the years that allows for a natural look yet will be appealing to the client’s customers.

The files I created are huge, between 36 and 150 megapixels. I have provided my client with large images so they can send the images to print for commercial marketing materials, posters, and website images. Additionally the level of detail provided allows them to crop as needed.

My client has invested a lot into the facilities and it shows. From high end amenities such as the kitchen, a fully stocked lounge, and apartment to the track itself, there is no lack of detail. The facilities also include many garages where  clientele can store vehicles and there is even a fully supportive mechanics garage with a lift. If a member wants to fly in from another part of the world this place can handle it with its own private air landing strip and helicopter pad.

Inde Motorsports Ranch hosts many events as well with national racing associations. Having been out on the course and race around it (with a trained professional of course) I can see why this track is so inviting to these high profile associations. The curves of the track are exhilarating and once you hit the straight away you get a chance to feel speed that only a few get to experience. I had a chance to capture some of the curves on the track and there were many to choose from that showcased what the track offers its members.

The racetrack has a lot to offer and if you add in the memorabilia, retired fighter jets, and desert landscaping you get a place that is truly unique and offers far more than it’s members expect. It was an awesome opportunity to photograph this place and I cannot wait to head back and work with this client again when they complete additional buildings this fall.

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